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The most challenging uterine problems that cause miscarriages!

The most challenging uterine problems that cause miscarriages!

Treating infertility and trying to achieve pregnancy is like balancing on a rope where the smallest jerk can cause the fall. There are sleepless nights for me and my team members as the infertility experts along with the couple that is striving hard to conceive. There are so many uncertainties during the journey and a few of them are absolutely unexpected.

When I start the infertility treatment to the couple and establish a rapport in the subsequent months there is an emotional bond gets developed unknowingly. Every unsuccessful attempt leaves a dent behind. A miscarriage is the gloomiest moment especially it comes in the second trimester when the things start getting settled.

Types of uterine problems

Among various causes of miscarriages, uterine problems are the biggest challenge because some of them are the biggest risk factor. There is a wide variety of uterine problems that come across during the journey of a successful pregnancy causing a standstill to the process. While all uterine problems cause miscarriages, a few bring the toughest challenge in front of me as an infertility expert!

a) Septate uterus: In a few females, there is a band of tissues in the uterus with no blood supply. This band practically divides the uterus in two parts and if the female gets a fertilized egg implanted on the septum, there is very likely miscarriage would happen. This is a problem by birth of the female and surgical procedure is required to correct it.

b) Unicorn shaped uterus: In a few females, the shape of uterus is like a horn. It is surely a by birth malformation in the mother where one side of the uterus does not get developed properly. This type of uterus has very high probability of preterm delivery, ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages.

c) Cervical insufficiency: Although it can’t be termed exactly a uterine problem, still we classify it in the same category due to the inter-relationship of the cervix and the uterus. In some women, the cervix gets dilated in the second trimester. It is more traumatic problem because it happens in the advanced stage of pregnancy when my patient and I both get little bit relieved about the pregnancy. Unfortunately it is a congenital problem and not much can be done to correct it. However, measures like complete rest and closure of the cervical opening with a surgical process can sustain the pregnancy.

d) Fibroids: Uterine fibroids are the toughest challenge for me and it requires great degree of patience and determination for both me and my patient to get rid of it completely. They get developed during childhood and there is no known cause behind it. I counsel the couple regarding the long-term treatment and persistent efforts. However, there are many successful pregnancies have been achieved so far with fibroid cases.

Undoubtedly it is a further complicated story of infertility when I discover uterine problems. I need to spend tremendous amount of energy in keeping the morale levels high for the patients and it is the biggest triumph to see a baby delivered after a successful pregnancy of a female with uterine problems.

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