Sunday, 28 July 2013

Celebrity and IVF

Celebrity and IVF, a welcome relationship

It isn’t a long time when the turmoil of discussions and controversies about surrogate pregnancy of Amir Khan or Farah Khan got settled, yet another Khan (Shahrukh)  triggered it recently with the news of the expected arrival of his third baby in the coming July. Well, why there is all of a sudden so much craze about IVF and Surrogacy in the celebrities? As a matter of fact it may be a modern trend in Bolywood, but it has been prevailing from a long time in Hollywood and the other countries.

As an infertility expert, I perceive it as a good sign. We all know that celebrities govern the mindset and when they endorse something, there is a wide acceptance.  It would surely spread a positive wave across the society about the surrogacy and IVF. In spite of increasing awareness towards various aspects of infertility and childbirth, there is still a taboo about the ways we treat it.

How celebrities help it?

We know that the glamour world is the most uncertain and deceptive world. There is an absolute darkness behind the bright spotlight. Still, there is a tremendous craze about it in the common people. There is a great fascination to adopt everything from them, right from the hair style to the lifestyle. When we see our role models taking the bold steps like going for surrogacy and egg donation, there is a wide acceptance of it in the society.  There is a change in the perception and I think it is great

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