Thursday, 25 July 2013

Are there any symptoms after embryo transfer?

Are there any symptoms after embryo transfer?

If someone asks me about the phase when there is the utmost anxiety and uncertainty during the infertility treatment, then I would promptly vouch for the phase when embryo plantation has been done and the couple is eagerly waiting for the pregnancy test. The touch time has been over, I have worked hard along with the infertile couple, the moments of agony and pain are now a history and there is an expectation of a new dawn! However, it is not as simple as it seems. The duration of 15 days between the embryo transfer and pregnancy test offers the most challenging time with a roller-coaster of emotions for the couple, especially for the mother. The father is busy in his daily routine and I am busy with the other patients waiting for their turn.

The lady goes in the state of utter confusion and dismay. She tries to seek help from the experienced ones, goes through the books and articles, Google the information and become part of the online support groups and forums. All these in vain due to the mutually contradictory information she gets.

The most commonly seen symptoms

When I implant the embryo after the fertilization and technically speaking it is no different from the normal pregnancy.  Therefore, the symptoms should also be the same. There is no doubt that the final confirmation will be done only when you go for the pregnancy test. However, there are a few signals that are very common after the embryo transfer.

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  1. That's a very useful information for those who are into embryo transfer. Biological advancement still have long way to go. Thanks for the article, crystal. I like all of your blog posts.

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