Tuesday, 23 July 2013

AMH test

AMH test, a method to pinpoint the chances of pregnancy

The paper flattered slightly due to the mild flow of air through the air-conditioner and the slight sound broke the silence in the room. It was the test report of one of my patients trying hard to get conceived. I suggested her getting AMH test as the last resort and the bitter truth was revealed by the report. She was very disappointed and disturbed to know the strange fact that she had actually “ruined” her ovarian reserve of eggs. The result was equally shocking for me because the female was running in early thirties and there were brighter chances of getting pregnant through ART methods!

What is ovarian reserve?

Every woman gets a fixed quota of eggs and the number is decided when she is in the womb of her mother. Sounds very strange, but it is absolutely true! Unfortunately there were no methods available earlier to find it out resulting in many attempts of natural and assisted efforts of pregnancy yielding nothing. The modern science has changed the scenario and there are tests like AMH available to determine the exact chances of a woman getting pregnant.

How does AMH help?

AMH or Anti-Mullerian HormoneTest is a special test performed on the blood sample collected from the patient. The test measures the level of AMH hormone in the blood that directly corresponds to the number of eggs available in the ovaries. It is typically called an “ovarian reserve” and has a definite correlation with the age. However, there can be large variations in the number of eggs left in the ovaries of different females irrespective of the other factors like age, physique and health condition being the same. It is absolutely individualistic factor. Factors like heredity, history of radio therapy and chemotherapy may drop the ovarian reserve drastically.

AMH certainly helps my patients to plan for pregnancy and most importantly it sets the expectation just right. A good ovarian reserve indicates brighter chances of pregnancy and we both start working enthusiastically towards achieving it.

AMH is really effective!

AMH has surely come as a great tool. There were methods available in the earlier times, but the validity and reliability of the result was always a big question mark. AMH gives a much clearer picture and we can decide the plan of action in a more precise manner. Experts appreciate the test because of the fact that it gives a definite idea about the probability of getting pregnant and women can be made well-aware about the fertility status much accurately. In a few cases, it is an eye opener for the patient and me because it gives us a clear indication to speed-up the efforts in case the patient is “about to finish” the quota of egg reserve.

AMH has become a true friend of infertility experts because it helps in setting the correct path of action. It is indeed a precious piece of information and there are certain benefits of it. Even if it shatters the dreams of a couple trying hard to conceive, it is better to know the bitter truth early and seek the other alternatives instead of wasting time in the fruitless efforts.

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