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Anejaculation, the ejaculation disability!

In my opinion male infertility has more complex and strange dimensions as compared to female infertility. Strangely, the male sexual anatomy is much simpler and easy to understand. There is no complex structure, no critical balance (or imbalance) of sexual hormones and no menstrual cycle. Still, the infertility aspect is certainly very complicated.

Couples visit infertility experts when they feel they are unable to conceive. We treat them according to the symptoms and suggest the best methods after analyzing the case completely. Sometimes, there is no option other than going for ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) where we collect the sperm from the male partner and the egg from the female partner. Fertilization process may happen in the laboratory or in the uterus itself, and there is successful conception!

Sounds great, isn’t it? But, the situation is not that simple and straightforward always! There are a few cases of infertility where the male partner is suffered from such a problem that he can’t ejaculate at all! You can imagine that in absence of ejaculation, he will not be able to contribute by giving sperms for fertilization process. Te problem is known as Anejaculation, typically called as the inability to ejaculate.

5 facts about Anejaculation!

It is fairly uncommon problem and infertility experts hardly encounter with it. Also, it is not very easy and straightforward to diagnose.
This problem is sometimes misunderstood with erectile dysfunction. Although in this case the male is able to arouse, get an orgasm. The only thing is he can’t discharge semen.  In case of erectile dysfunction, there will not be sexual arousal at all.
The problem needs to be explained by the patient explicitly, otherwise the doctors will not be able to diagnose it.
The symptoms of Anejaculation and Retrograde Ejaculation are similar, but in the later case semen does get discharged and goes backward to the urinary bladder. In case of Anejaculation it does not come out at all.
It is extremely impossible to collect the semen sample for diagnosis or sperm donation and we need to collect it directly from the testicles.
The treatment

Well, there is no treatment for this problem and we treat the patient on the basis of symptoms. There are a few patients with situational Anejaculation where they are unable to ejaculate because of surrounding environment. Providing them supporting condition may lead to successful ejaculation. For a few patients we use vibrator or electrical stimulator to achieve ejaculation.

There are some cases where no ejaculation happens at all even after prescribing strong stimulating pills. We collect the semen sample directly from the testicles or the epididymis and use for the fertilization process.

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