Monday, 8 July 2013

Fragmented DNA, yet another fragment of male infertility

Fragmented DNA, yet another fragment of male infertility

It is certainly very sad, but true that females are considered responsible for the infertility problem and surprisingly the misconception is not limited to our country only. When I get couples across the globe in my infertility clinic, almost 90% of the people are unknown about something like “male infertility”. Thanks to the awareness in the generation next, at least 10% of the couples know that there could be problem in the male partner too!

What is the reason for this pathetic situation? Undoubtedly it is directly associated with the age old concepts of so-called “male superiority” that says a male can reproduce at any age and there are no limitations of health and psychological factors. Although the research and finding of the modern science has debunked the theory, but there are still the majority of people believe on it.

The fact and figures
When I take a new case of infertility, the first thing that I do is counseling and convincing session with the couple to make them believe that there could be a problem in the male partner. They get stunned when I present the statistical findings in front of them that say 30% of the infertility problems are caused by male infertility and interestingly this is exactly same as their counterparts. The information comes out as a blow!

It is a fact that we infertility experts are much comfortable and relaxed while treating the female infertility because there are clear indications of problems and symptoms. The diagnostics can be absolutely pinpointed and the couple can expect a successful pregnancy.  On the other hand, a male infertilityis very complex and difficult to treat.


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  2. Females are not only blamed for infertility problems but also for giving birth to a particular gender (girl child) which is unwanted in some families. That is very bad mentality with some people.

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