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Secondary infertility, the peculiar problem

Secondary infertility, the peculiar problem

As an infertility expert, I always give my best to bring happiness in the life of childless couple. It is the most fascinating moment for them to experience the parenthood. Infertility problems have multiple facets and I discover new things at every stage of the career.

I fixed an appointment with a couple who wanted to discuss infertility problem. It wasn’t a normal case of infertility. They were happy parents of a cute baby, but wanted to take one more chance to make it a complete family. They were desperately trying for more than a year, but didn’t get any success. It was definitely a surprising thing for them, but not for me. They were suffering from a peculiar problem known as secondary infertility problem!

What is secondary infertility?

Secondary infertility is a peculiar case of a couple’s inability to conceive after successful childbirth. It is quite frustrating for them, especially when they are trying for the next pregnancy impatiently. The exact statistics of secondary infertility are not known. Many times, couples stop trying after some time and do not consult doctors. Secondary infertility is curable, provided it is diagnosed early. However, the problem has multiple facets and we need to look into every possible reason. It is difficult to deal with secondary infertility, both for the parents and the infertility experts!

It is quite difficult to handle the emotional aspects of secondary infertility. Couples remain in a state of shock and denial. Those who previously had problems feel great mental pressure. For some couples it is a state of utter dismay and frustration. For some couples it is a surprise because they had never experienced it earlier.

According to research, many couples experience secondary infertility problem. Many reasons are responsible for it:
a) Either or both partners develop infertility problem after the first pregnancy.
b) Age
c) Scarring after the first childbirth
d) Stress and other factors associated with lifestyle
e) Hormonal imbalance

Coping with secondary infertility

a) Coping with emotional problems: Secondary infertile couples should not feel depressed and deprived. I always counsel them to look at the brighter side of the life. Surely it is great value-addition to have one more child, but they should think about the childless couples.

b) Coping with physical problems: Secondary infertility treatment is just as primary infertility treatment. Couples have to undergo different tastes and diagnostic procedures. We talk to the patients and explain them about the procedures and the complexities. Secondary infertile couples have never experienced that earlier. Therefore, it is quite shocking and surprising for them. It needs strong determination and dedication to bear the pain and suffering.

c) Coping with social problems: It is perhaps the most difficult part. I always suggest the secondary infertile couples not to share it with friends, colleagues and relatives. Others are inquisitive about every development of infertility treatment and it adds nothing, but frustration and agony.

Secondary infertility problem is an experience that is certainly difficult to cope-up with. You have to be strong and courageous to face it!

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