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Azoospermia, the typical problem of male infertility

Azoospermia, the typical problem of male infertility

Although there has been quite awareness about infertility problem in the recent years, but still many people consider it a problem associated with women. Studies prove that men contribute to one-third of the total infertility problems and women alone can’t be blamed for being childless. I receive so many infertility cases every year and a major chunk of the patients need counseling. They need to be explained about various aspects of male infertility to make the husband ready for tests and investigations.

Theoretically a man is called infertile if he is not able to conceive a fertile woman. The male infertility is more complex and intricate to diagnose and cure. There are multiple aspects of it. Poor quality and improper quantity of semen are the main cause of male infertility commonly known as semen deficiency. Late night parties, incorrect lifestyle, heavy consumption of alcohol and tobacco are the other reasons.

What is Azoospermia?

There are a few typical problems of male infertility. Azoospermia is one of them. We investigate semen to decide quality and quantity of sperms. These tests can be performed in special laboratories. It is important to check the movement and strength of sperms. If the test reveals that sperms are totally absent in the semen, then it is called Azoospermia. The person is unable to produce mature sperms and hence, unable to fertilize the matured egg. Elevation in the body temperature is one of the major causes of this problem. Sperms are extremely sensitive towards temperature variation and slight increase in the temperature could kill them. Obstructions in the reproductive tract or deficiency of male hormones are the other reasons. The tests are usually comprehensive and cover multiple aspects like sperm testing, physical examination, ultrasound tests and investigation of blood.

We need to understand that infertility and impotence are two different things, though people misinterpret them. Impotence is the inability of making successful intercourse or inability to sustain erection. On the other hand, the man can do successful intercourse, but can’t fertilize matured egg.

The cure

Obstructive Azoospermia can be cured by surgical process. We diagnose the exact cause of obstruction and remove it. Semen test is performed after a few days of surgery. If the body is producing enough sperms, there is a high chance of pregnancy. However, the quality and quantity of the sperms are critical factors.

Sometimes the body produces adequate quantity of sperms, but it is not possible to remove the obstruction by surgical process. We use the process of sperm extraction and perform in-vitro fertilization. The fertilized embryos are transplanted in the uterus and the mother gives birth to their genetic baby after gestation period.

There are various alternative remedies suggested for the problem of Azoospermia with no obstruction in the male reproductive system. Herbal remedies and Homeopathic remedies are considered effective in treating this problem. It is difficult to prove the effectiveness of these treatments statistically. However, some people find the treatment effective.

Azoospermia is one of the main reasons of male infertility!

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