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Tubal ligation reversal, the way to revert infertility

Tubal ligation reversal, the way to revert infertility

It is a well-known fact that infertility has become one of the biggest problems of the modern age. Statistics tell that more than 30% of the married couples are facing some or the other infertility problem, either temporarily or permanently. The treatment includes a series of surgical and medical processes incorporated at the infertility clinic. Age, genetic disorders, hormonal deficiencies and many other factors are responsible for infertility problems.Theoretically if a couple is unable to conceive after repeated trial for one year without contraceptives.

It is recommended that couples should always go for a credible infertility expert for investigation. When couples come to me, I always go methodically to understand the basic cause of infertility through detailed investigation. There are many reasons of infertility and the correct treatment can be chalked out after finding the basic cause.

Fallopian tubes are important part of female reproductive system. They connect the uterus and the ovaries. The process of fertilization occurs in fallopian tubes. These tubes act as a channel to move the ovum or fertilized egg. These tubes provide adequate environment for fertilization and conception. In case of tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes are closed and eggs can’t traverse to the uterus. It is very obvious that conception can’t occur in such case.

There could be many reasons for the blockage like infection, inflammatory diseases in the pelvic region or by birth defects. Tubal ligation reversal procedure corrects the problem in the fallopian tube and makes the conception possible.

Tubal ligation is a popular way of permanent birth control as well. However, sometimes women want to reconnect the fallopian tubes. The reason could be anything; wish to have more babies, religious factors, etc.

The procedure

Tubal ligation procedure takes around three hours to complete. It is performed under general anesthesia. The patient needs to spend one to four days in the hospital, depending on recovery. Patients can resume the regular routine after two to four weeks. We work on the damaged/blocked fallopian tubes during the surgery. The blocked part is removed and reconnected. It is possible for the tubes to carry fertilized egg to the uterus.

We check the possibility of successful reversal of the fallopian tubes before undergoing surgical procedure. In some cases, the tubes are damaged very badly and it is not possible to restore them. The damage may be caused by earlier surgical process or it may be by birth as well.

The risks
In rare cases, there is infection, bleeding or damage to other organs caused by tubal ligation reversal procedure. Modern surgical techniques have made it quite easy and the latest procedures do not need general anesthesia as well. The process can be done under local anesthesia and there is no hospitalization required.

There is one major risk of ectopic pregnancy after the reversal procedure. In this pregnancy, the conception happens in the fallopian tube. It is extremely risky situation and immediate termination of pregnancy is needed. Close monitoring can detect the problem early.

Tubal Ligation Reversal is a great procedure to enhance chances of successful pregnancy.

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