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Understanding Autoimmune infertility

Understanding Autoimmune infertility

Infertility is a reproductive disorder that affects the quality of life for enormous people across the globe. Statistically every one of 5 couples undergoes some kind of infertility treatment in the journey of the life. Countless causes are there for this nasty problem. It is sometimes difficult for an experienced infertility expert like me to trace out the exact reason. Gynecological disorders, infectious diseases, aging problem and endocrine disorders could cause infertility in women.

Autoimmune infertility is one of the most complicated cases and it needs tremendous efforts to cure it. It is one of the unexplained cases of infertility and it is needed to set up the normal functioning of the immune system and balance of the body to regain the fertility levels. Autoimmune disorders like thyroid problem, diabetes and erythematosis are usually linked to the infertility problem. Even PCOS, premature ovarian problems and endometriosis can also be linked to the autoimmune infertility problems. It goes without saying that the treatment takes very long time and even after putting greatest efforts, sometimes there is no success achieved.

In a typical autoimmune infertility, there is an inflammation seen in the uterus or there are antibodies formed against the reproductive hormones. Sometimes clotting happens in the reproductive organs like ovaries. All these are result of a natural reaction of the body against pregnancy. Body treats the embryo or ovulation process as “enemy” and tries to destroy it as quickly as possible. Among innumerable reasons, the most prominent are:

a) Killer cells: It is very peculiar process of the body where special cells get developed. These cells interrupt the growth of embryo. It results in abnormal termination of pregnancy. Studies show that these cells consider embryo as foreign body and therefore destroy it as the natural reaction they are programmed for.

b) Thyroid related problems: Thyroid disease cause anti-thyroid antibodies developed in the body. Researches show that thyroid problem has a close connection with infertility issues. They cut the response of fertility treatment and make the drugs less effective. It increases chances of miscarriage.

c) Disorders related to blood clotting: In some cases, special antibodies are responsible for unexplained infertility. These antibodies prevent blood clotting and affect the reproductive system. Recurrent miscarriages and abnormal termination of pregnancy are the outcome of these disorders. There is no exact cause of this problem found so far.

d) Endometriosis: It is the commonest problem of unexplained infertility. There are different types of cytokines developed in the body. They cause problems in the normal reproductive process and cause disruption and abnormal termination. According to studies, more than 50% women had auto antibodies developed to make the problem worse.

e) Folate Metabolism: It causes various risk factors and complications in the pregnancy process. Genetic mutation is also seen in many cases where the problem became worse. This disorder causes inflammation, reduction in the cell division process, abnormal termination and abortion. It is impossible to attain full-term pregnancy.

There are various reasons behind autoimmune infertility. Sometimes they are not curable and the couple has to go for other options like adoption or surrogacy.

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