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Understanding the process of cervical cap insemination

Understanding the process of cervical cap insemination

Treatment of infertility is a complex procedure and timing is extremely important. Fertilization has to be achieved in the window of three to five days and hence, we need to schedule it with 100% perfection. As an infertility expert, I always keep track of the minute points and act accordingly.

The treatment methods vary from case to case and there is no single path for every incidence of infertility. Among various methods, some are simple and fast. At the same time, some methods are lengthy and complicated. However, each method is suitable for a particular type of infertility. It is not possible to use a single method for all.

What is cervical cap insemination?

Cervical cap insemination is an optimized way of conception in typical cases of male infertility when the count and mobility of the sperms is low. We use this method in the rare case of hostile mucus in females when the internal environment of the vagina is harmful for the sperms. Studies indicate that the method has been useful in couples having immunological problems.

Cervical cap insemination is relatively less popular category used for the treatment of infertility. The process is quite simple. A small cap is taken to collect the semen and it is inserted in the vagina through cervix. As the sperms enter in the environment of the uterus, mucus present inside helps the sperms to reach towards mature egg. This mucus gives adequate protection to the sperms and without it the sperms die within minutes. When we cap the semen across the cervix, it makes sure that the spermsswim up to the fallopian tubes and the uterus. The cervical cap method is ideal in treating the problems of tilted cervix, low sperm motility and low sperm count.

Use of cervical cap insemination has been there from last three decades in the treatment of infertility caused by low sperm count or tilted cervix. Doctors have successfully tried it in treating unexplained infertility as well.

It is a cost-effective method

It is a fact that cervical cap insemination is one of the cheapest methods of infertility treatment. While the cost of few other treatments has touched the sky, this method is still within the reach of many patients. Couples who can’t spend huge amounts in the treatment of infertility can afford it easily.

When we prescribe fertility medications to maximize the ovulation process in females, cervical cap insemination is the best method to achieve pregnancy. Even for couples undergoing IVF cycles, it can work as an aggressive treatment plan to achieve pregnancy.

Today, many variants of user-friendly cups are available easy to wear. Soft implantable grade silicone versions can be worn in the daily routine. It is a confirm way to achieve positive pregnancy.

When I talk to the patients and have a detailed analysis of the problem, it is easier to decide a particular line of action without any ambiguity. Not so popular methods as cervical cap insemination are quite useful in specific cases of infertility.

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