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Post Coital Mucus Test, the best tool to determine sperm quality

Post Coital Mucus Test, the best tool to determine sperm quality

As an infertility expert I use multiple tools to diagnose infertility. Some of the tools are not generic and used in very special case. Post Coital Mucus test is one of them. It is a post-intercourse test to determine the movement of sperms and their ability to survive in the mucus. We check the movement of the sperms immediately after the intercourse and understand the overall quality and quantity of the sperms.

How does it help?

This test identifies the problems in the cervical mucus and its relation with infertility. Also, it helps
in determining the level of bacterial infection, thickness of the mucus, disorders pertaining to the
ejaculation, antibodies in the mucus that reject the sperms and the semen related disorders. It gives valuable results about the probability of pregnancy. Importantly, this test gives significant information about the male infertility, in case the male partner is not ready to undergo fertility test.

The procedure

I suggest the patient to chart the menstrual cycle at least three to four months prior to the test. It gives accurate timing to perform the test. I call the female one or two days prior to the ovulation. Ovarian follicles release one mature egg during that time. The couple is asked to have intercourse before two to eight hours of the appointment.

There is significant change in the mucus at the time of ovulation. The body produces extra estrogen resulting change in the viscosity, thickness and color of the mucus. It becomes clearer, less viscous and more slippery to give favorable environment to the sperms. They are able to swim easily and survive for a longer time.

The test is very simple and quick. It doesn’t need any hospitalization and performed in the clinic. Post coital Mucus test is performed just like a Pap test.

The Results

The beauty of this test is the quick results. It takes hardly a few minutes to determine the results. This test is quite inexpensive. We share the results with the patients immediately.

The result of the test is NORMAL if:

• Adequate number of sperms are visible in the sample
• The sperms show forward movement through the mucus
• The mucus is at least 2 inch long
• The mucus shows a fern like pattern while drying

The result of the test is ABNORNAL if:

• Very few sperms or no sperms are visible in the sample
• Dead sperms are visible in the sample
• The mucus is less than 2 inch long
• The mucus does not show a fern like pattern while drying

Possibility of errors

Post Coital Mucus Test gives quite accurate results, but we infertility experts have to take utmost precaution while performing the test. Maintaining perfect timing is important to obtain correct results.

In some cases the inflammation in the vagina or irregular menstrual cycle could generate erroneous results. Therefore, we do it with extra care.

Infertility experts worldwide recognize Post coital mucus test a great tool to determine infertility.

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