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Is there a dramatic increase of infertility problems recently?

Is there a dramatic increase of infertility problems recently?

Has there been significant increase in the infertility cases in the recent years? This is perhaps the most frequently asked question to infertility experts. Many people believe that it is true. However, to your surprise, the reality is not like that. In fact, the percentage of infertility has shown quite static trend. The awareness and acceptance of infertility has greatly increased. Now people come forward boldly for infertility treatment. The utilization of infertility treatment services has increased multiple times. The availability of modern methods and increase in the expertise of the doctors has given a boost to it.

The history

The history of modern infertility treatment goes back to 1978 when the first baby was born through a revolutionary technique called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). It was popularly called as Test Tube Baby. The options to treat infertility were very limited that time. Tubal microsurgery and ovulation using hormonal drugs were the only options available to treat infertility.

The present
The times have changed now and so many effective treatments are available today to handle multiple aspects of infertility problems. There has been dramatic increase in the success rate of infertility treatment due to the modern techniques. Statistics reveal that more patients are visiting the clinics today to get rid of infertility problem.

We can see incredible change in the way people look towards infertility today. The stigma and taboo of infertility problem has been reduced considerably. Couples are ready to about it openly. People are more aware about the problems because of the information explosion. The Internet has become a major source of information today. Couples come prepared for the infertility treatment and they know the basics of their problem.

The future
Although we have not seen a dramatic increase of infertility cases in the past, but experts say that it will surely happen in the future. There are multiple reasons of it:

a) Delayed childbearing:
It is a common trend today to delay the childbirth in lieu of career and education. As we know that the reproductive capacity decreases with the age, the cases of infertility problem will shoot up in the future. It is a trend in the upper crust of the society to think about expansion of the family in late thirties. It is very obvious that the chances of pregnancy lower about this age. Also, it increases the chances of interrupted pregnancies.

b) Lifestyle and pollution:
Experts indicate that the human reproductive system has direct linkage with the pollution and lifestyle related issues. Exposure to various chemicals, living in a highly polluted areas and addiction of toxic elements are the major causes of infertility problem.

c) Stress and fatigue: Modern lifestyle generates a lot of stress and fatigue that affects human reproduction system adversely.

It is a fact that we infertility experts will have to work harder to get rid of infertility problems in the future. However, with the advancement in medical treatment and increased support and cooperation of the patients, we will be able conquer the battle against infertility!

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