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Donor insemination, a bold decision to defeat infertility

Donor insemination, a bold decision to defeat infertility

Infertility treatment is a long running process and needs a lot of research to determine the best method for a couple. Each case of infertility is different and involves a different approach to resolve the issue. Egg donation, IVF, surrogacy, ART and many more are there. Donor insemination or DI is a typical solution to overcome male infertility.

In many cases, the male partner is unable to produce healthy sperms for fertilization. Sometimes the sperms are totally absent and sometimes quality of the sperm is inferior. Couples select DI to build the family because it is the only possible solution for them. It is surely a bold decision because the baby will carry the genetic characteristics of the donor and not the male partner. However, couples go for it with a few arguments in the support of it:

a) If the donor selection process is carried out sincerely, then it is possible to carry forward some great traits present in the donor.

b) Female partner (the recipient) can still experience the thrill and excitement of pregnancy and motherhood without bothering about the sperm donor, the male partner or an anonymous donor?

c) It is a simple and painless process as compared to the other ones. It doesn’t involve any surgical process and it is not needed to stay in the hospital.

d) The treatment is less costly, quick and confidential.

e) Sperm banks take care of the legal formalities.

Infertility expert plays a vital role

Infertility expert is important in the whole process. When it is decided that Donor Insemination is the best option for a couple, I start the process of searching the best suitable donor. Donor selection process takes some time and need attention.

Select the donor

Selecting the perfect donor is a critical aspect. It may take some weeks or more. Ask the infertility expert about reputed sperm banks that store frozen sperms. Some people call them “Cryobanks” because the sperms are stored in very low temperature. Modern sperm bank offer list of donors online and you can select the best one according to your choice. Some banks offer personalized services to make selection easy. There are various regulations and norms for donor screening process and every sperm bank has to comply with the norms. Regular audits and inspections are carried out to ensure adherence to the norms.

It is possible to see relevant information of donors either online or visiting the sperm bank. Couples can select the best suitable donor based on social, cultural and medical background. Physical characteristics and cultural aspects are also considered while selecting donors. They study the personal profile, traits and habits as well. It all depends on the individual preferences and choice.

Buy the sperms

Once you are satisfied with the donor profile and ready to buy the sperm, the sperm back should be informed accordingly. Being the infertility expert I coordinate with the sperm bank and decide a shipping date based on suitability of all three parties. The sperms are shipped to the clinic and ready for donor Insemination process.
DI is a great option to resolve infertility problem and many childless couples bring happiness of parenthood by choosing it!

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