Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Turn the “two week tension” into “two week bliss”

Turn the “two week tension” into “two week bliss”

I treat infertility for so many couples and experience so many moments of emotional sway along with them. We feel the grief, the misery and the glee together. However, there are some moments that are supposed to be faced by the woman and nobody including the husband is able to share the load. These are the toughest moments. It is required that one should face them with courage and patience. Keeping positive attitude helps a lot.

When we undergo the process of infertility treatment, there is a waiting period of two weeks after the ovulation. The process of fertilization is over and we have to just wait for another two weeks to confirm the pregnancy. After completing the procedure, I move forward to some other case because there is nothing to do for a couple of weeks. However, the female has to keep waiting for two long weeks, without any further procedure related to the treatment. It is perhaps the most difficult time for her.

There are a few tips that can ease the waiting time.

A. Go with a positive drift: I keep on telling this to my patients and many have admired the effectiveness of this technique. It is a fact that the more you want to suppress an emotion, it retaliates like anything. Telling someone to be positive and avoid negative notions is easier said than done. I tell my patients to go with a drift of positive emotions by thinking everything related to pregnancy for at least one hour daily. It may be reading about pregnancy symptoms, going through the blogs related to prenatal care, talking to pregnant ladies, imagining the pregnancy symptoms and many more. It really makes a miracle and women feel recharged and rejuvenated after doing it daily.

B. Stay occupied: This is the other tip. Although working women never face a problem in doing that, but the things are harder for home makers. There is immense frustration when you have nothing to do. Whatever they try to be occupied, there are moments when free time gives them immense tension and frustration. Scheduling meeting with friends, going to the favorite movie, joining hobby classes, enjoying a vacation or visiting the relatives could be the better options.

C. Follow the dos and don'ts: I always tell certain dos and don:ts to my patients and it really helps. Regarding things that are not to be done, I tell them to avoid people who do not understand the gravity and sensitivity of the problem. They will bring nothing but immense negativity and pessimism in the environment. There should not be discussions, movies, articles and gossip pertaining to pregnancy, abortion, infertility and related things. All such things drain the energy and increase the feeling of anxiety and fear. Regarding the things to be followed are, watching positive movies and reading good books, meditation and breathing techniques are the most preferred.

 I feel really good to know that my patients get tremendous benefit by these techniques and it becomes quite easy for them to spend the toughest time of the infertility treatment.

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