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Take it is easy, its Menopause Dr.Rita Bakshi,

Senior Gynecologist & IVF Specialist-International Fertility Centre, GreenPark, New Delhi.
The end of your monthly cycles is the time that requires a healthy change in your life cycle¦

I know it's too early to ask, but I am scared of Menopause. Is it hard to handle? and she paused for a moment, forcing herself to smile.

I was inspired to write this column when I met this patient of mine. She was just 27 and was really scared of this word Menopause, probably she heard someone in her family talking as the difficult time in a womans life.

She further asked me Is this a stage of forgetfulness, hot flashes.

And I told her what I am telling you Its a new beginning.  True a woman becomes forgetful, she suffers with mood swings, vaginal dryness and night sweats that affect her sleep, but then these changes can also be due to normal aging which will subside after a while.

You don't need to be afraid, instead you need to be educated. Menopause is a natural biological event when ovulation ceases, menstruation gets less frequent and ultimately stops. In other words, it is a time when a woman passes from a reproductive to a non-reproductive stage.

What can never change about Menopause is the fact that you are not alone; remind yourself again and again that millions of women are dealing with the end of fertility. You don't know but many of them are muddling along in discomfort, irritation and they all claim that they are scared of this phase in their lives. The truth is every woman feels the same, and all you need to do is to take full charge of your health during this period.

The only problem that I see today is we are not educated about this. According to me, Knowledge is Power. The first thing to do is to identify the symptoms, then consult your doctor and always keep yourself abreast with information on Menopause. Keep telling yourself that I will deal with it wisely because there is no other way. All women are blessed with great will power and can deal with anything and everything. All you need to do is to educate yourself and things will follow.

I have had many patients who talk to me of Menopause as if it is a disease. It is not at all a medical condition, but a natural one, which could be easily taken care of by your right mental approach. Support it with a healthy change in your eating regime by incorporating a lot of fresh fruits, fiber rich foods etc.

Please follow these simple guidelines:-

Get enough sleep because if you are sleep deprived, even a simplest thing will also affect you badly. So get enough amount of night sleep by avoiding large meals, alcohol, caffeine or any sort of physical activity before going to bed.Â
Do not just sit in a corner, engage yourself in any kind of physical activity that you like 5 - 6 times a week. Spend time with your loved ones.
Read books, develop some hobby and try to stay as positive as you can in order to overcome daily stress. You can also try some relaxation techniques.
Do not keep your problems only to yourself but discuss them with your partner or friends so that you can feel relaxed & relieved. Move out, visit new places with your friends and family don’t you forget there is life after menopause.
You can ask your doctor for medicines or therapies that can reduce problems associated with menopause to certain extent.
The secret to a Happier Menopause is a Happier YOU. The truth remains the same for thousands of women You and I can live the healthiest and happiest lifestyle during this period” only if we want to. Your unparalleled energy, hope and power will see you through this with absolute ease.

Begin each day by telling yourself take it easy, its just Menopause

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