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Motor disorders: The latest discovery would change the scenario

Motor disorders: The latest discovery would change the scenario

When infertility experts like me treat patients with infertility problems, the complete focus is towards achieving a successful pregnancy. The couple is also obviously eager to enjoy the parenthood. Naturally the facets of genetic disorders get ignored in the whole process and they get surfaced only when the parents see abnormality in the development of the baby. Although we work hard to diagnose them at the time of treatment, but there are still many unknown factors about genetic disease.

Genetic issues are responsible for multiple problems and the motor disorders top the list. They appear like an insurmountable obstacle and ill-fated baby and parents both become the victims of it. The first signs of motor disorders come out with the exceptionally delayed motor milestones like sitting, crawling and walking. Poor response to the motor stimulants and symptoms like dropping the things and clumsiness become a cause of worry for the parents. These defects not only make the normal life miserable, but it is equally painful for the baby as well. The problem does not remain restricted to the motor activities, but affects the overall underdevelopment of the child. It worsens if there is mental retardation also discovered.

I always keep on searching for the latest developments and research in the field of genetic diseases. The recent breakthrough would certainly floor way in the methods of treatment of children deprived of the basic development due to motor disorders. A team of doctors has successfully identified the root cause of motor disorders. According to them, there has been a mutation in a particular gene known as DARS that causes serious motor disorders like Spasticity and Spinal cord disorders that restrict the movement and development. The recent discovery is surely a great milestone because there have been great efforts to conquer this gigantic challenge.

The technique used to analyze the fundamental cause is known as genome sequencing and it helped a lot in discovering the real problem. The team added that the gene was never suspected earlier and the real cause would have been remained hidden without this study. The genetic disorders are transferred from the parents and therefore, genomes of the parents and babies are required to be checked for the research of genetic problems.

I see the recent finding as a light at the end of the tunnel and it would surely able to distinguish and diagnose the motor problems so that there are no more disabled babies!

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