Thursday, 20 June 2013

It is always better to be an early bird for infertility treatment!

It is always better to be an early bird for infertility treatment!

I could feel the disturbing silence in my consulting room after declaring the diagnosis of infertility for a couple sitting right in front of me. Both were representing the classic DINK (Double Income No Kids) community of the modern world where kids are the last priority over promotions and career growth. Remind you, I am not a typical oldie who is unhappy with everything that happens in the modern world, but there are certain things that certainly upset me!

The most common face of infertility that I witness almost daily in my consulting room is almost the same. A couple with reasonably fit body, excellent personality and still unable to conceive! While there are many cases where reasons of infertility are known, a major chuck was contributed by the cases of unexplained infertility. Delay in detecting infertility makes the life measurable for my patients and it is equally tiresome for me too!

Importance of detecting infertility early

Detection and diagnosis of infertility in the early age, therefore, becomes extremely important. It gives immense relief to infertility experts like me because I get sufficient time to treat the root cause. Let’s understand it by an example. A couple that got married when the female was 27 and the male was approaching or just crossed 30. They delay the pregnancy for at least two to three years because of career pressures. By the time they decide to go the family way and start trying for that the age of female has crossed the crucial figure of 30.

The situation becomes worse when they sit in the consulting chair of my room after trying two years desperately for conception. I diagnose the case thoroughly and after a few tests give them the shocking news of infertility!
It is a fact that there is never “too late” in the treatment of infertility and I have seen the cases of conception in the late forties as well. However, exceptions can’t be a rule and therefore I always recommend that it is very vital to detect infertility early.

What are the benefits?

It is a fact that the vitality and rigor of our body gets decreased with the increasing age. Also, there are physiological changes with the higher age that lowers the chances of success in a few procedures of infertility treatment.

Ovulation abnormalities: Secretion of Progesterone and Estrogen decreases with old age and therefore it is difficult to deal with ovulation abnormalities that cause infertility.

Inadequate quantity and inferior quality of sperm: Healthy and strong sperms are vital for pregnancy. Male sperm count gets decreased with age and thereby reduces the chances of conception.

Chase against time: Getting diagnosed infertility earlier gives a sigh of relief because you have much longer time to struggle. Getting diagnosed with it in the thirties put tremendous pressure on the coupe and instead of going with an enthusiastic manner; they go under pressure of getting the success as early as possible.
Age plays a vital role in the whole process and therefore couples should come to infertility expert as early as possible to get sure success!

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