Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ovulation Induction, the master process!

Out of the couples that come to me for a treatment of infertility, a large number of them are facing ovulation related problems. They come to me with a great hope and I also do not leave any chance to make the treatment successful. Needless to say it is a long journey with many ups and downs. There are smooth highways and rocky terrains and the couple has to completely cooperate and dedicate in the treatment. It will surely take a little bit time for my team and me to narrow down the exact cause of the problem, but the things become pretty under control when I know it. I can articulate the problem and the subsequent course of action to the patients.

When do I use Ovulation Induction (OI)?

Since ovulation is one of the most critical activities in the process of conception, very obviously we need to monitor it closely. Irregular ovulation can be a root cause for infertility problem and by using Ovulation Induction method, commonly known as OI we can regulate it or increase the number of eggs in one ovulation cycle.

Females have abnormal ovulation, irregular ovulation or absence of ovulation because of imbalance of the delicate hormones in the body of the female partner. Therefore, OI treatment has an integral part of balancing these hormones in the right proportion and in the right timing in order to achieve healthy and properly developed eggs.

Step by step process

My methodology of treating infertile couple is very different. First of all, I never let them feel any kind of negativity during the treatment period. It is actually very important because negative thinking and pessimistic viewpoint can actually affect the hormone secretion adversely. My team members and I keep the environment vibrant and pleasant and it certainly helps. The process of OI is a multi-step process and each step is extremely important.

A.I need to check the hormonal level before starting the treatment in order to arrive at the baseline data. Theoretically it is the starting point of the journey. After this point, these levels are monitored by checking blood samples after every milestone.

B.I prescribe special medicines that stimulate the hormonal secretion. The medicines can be in the form of oral medicines or injections. The frequency and power of the drug will depend on individual case. Typically clomiphone citrate and gonadotropins are used.

C.My team monitors the levels of hormones and the development of follicles during the whole process. When the size of follicles increases significantly, we prepare for the next major milestone, the actual conception. Typically estrogen is the hormone that is measured during the process.

The most critical part gets over with the ovulation induction process. However, it is not the end of the story, rather it is a beginning. After this, the couple can go for any method of conception right from the natural intercourse to surrogate baby. The option chosen by the couple will depend on the physical condition that is causing infertility. The process of OI demands tremendous concentration and hard work. Female ovulation process is extremely delicate and complicated and any slippage would not yield desired result!

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