Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Outsourcing Surrogacy to India

Why Surrogate Mothers in India – Outsourcing Surrogacy to India – How to Decide on Surrogacy in India

More Americans Now Traveling to India for Surrogate Pregnancy because it about A mum, a dad, an egg donor and a surrogate equals baby.

India is attractive for two reasons. Surrogacy comes at a reasonable price here. In the US, surrogacy costs up to $120,000; in India, couples pay only a fourth or so of that amount. Having a child could cost anything between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 25 lakh here: costs include the in vitro fertilisation, caring for the surrogate for her full term of pregnancy, the surrogate’s fee and living expenses for the intended parents. Many couples also come through medical tourism agencies or surrogacy agency that specialise in medical tourism. These agencies liaise with infertility clinics in India and organise the couple’s trip for a fee.

The second reason for India’s pull as a surrogacy destination is its laws. It is far simpler to become legal parents in India. Unlike countries such as the UK, some parts of USA, Canada and Australia, which consider surrogates legal mothers, India recognises the intended parents as the legal parents. Also, couples don’t have to fear that Indian surrogates will refuse to give up children they bear. In some states in the US, where surrogacy agreements are not legally binding, there have been cases of surrogate mothers deciding not to relinquish babies. In India, on the other hand, most surrogates are from the middle and lower classes. As they undertake surrogacy for some extra money, it is unlikely that they would stake a claim to the children they bear. All surrogates are required to sign contracts waiving any rights over the child.

As a result more and more Intended parents around the world are hiring Indian women to be surrogate mothers to their babies. , Caucasian Americans, USA, UK, Australian couples and singles, Indian NRI couple, canadian couples and singles are looking for surrogacy option in India or Surrogate Mother in India.


  1. The success rate (carry home baby) of surrogacy is around 45% in case of fresh embryos.


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