Thursday, 10 May 2012

India – a Suitable Destination of International Intended Parents

Surrogacy in India is highly advantageous, since it had become legal in India in as early as 2002.The entire process is carried out as per the guidelines, laid down by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). ICMR had prepared a draft with necessary guidelines for setting up IVF Clinics and ART Centers in India, which is being regulated by the Government of India. The Supreme Court of India had permitted surrogacy way back in 2002.

Like in any other sphere of commercial activity, India is emerging a leader in commercial surrogacy also. Today, India has not only become a preferred destination, but also raised to be the “Surrogacy Capital of the world”, since surrogacy in India is much more simple, besides being competitively cost-effective. The unprecedented momentum is because of many advantages like economical cost, better legal environment, world-class medical facilities, multi-specialty hospitals and clinics, latest technologies, skilled doctors, global accreditations etc.

International Surrogacy has become popular as the surrogacy procedures and laws are unfavorable in some countries or states. Before opting for international surrogacy, intended parents should thoroughly follow the state laws of surrogacy agencies they are choosing. Each country specifically has different laws related to surrogacy procedure. Intended parents should hire a qualified and experienced legal expert for smooth processing of cross-border surrogacy arrangements. Commercial surrogacy is gaining its acquaintance with many countries allowing it as a legal procedure but there are few countries/ states that still hold it illegal to pursue. With commercial surrogacy becoming legal in India, a huge number of surrogates are ready for the process of surrogacy. Even the number of healthcare providers or clinics providing surrogacy services has increased drastically. The clinics have a huge database of well screened surrogates who wish to take part in international surrogacy as well as local surrogacy. Intended parents are open to choose the right kind of surrogate and utilize the local surrogacy agencies.

International surrogacy involves many sensitive and ethical issues related to the surrogate mother and their origin. It is required for intended parents to respect the traditions and customs of their surrogate mother. Since Indian surrogacy agencies takes care of all important issues involved in the process of surrogacy at each stage, most of the internationals intended couples prefer India as their destination point for surrogacy. Moreover Indian surrogacy centers are well equipped with highly professional fertility experts who provide quality surrogacy services to the intended parents.

Moreover, medical council of India is handy in serving with the complete required information about the process and surrogacy centers in India. Any medical process involves risk factors, medical tourism of India helps the surrogate to acquire thorough knowledge of the process, equipments, expenses and medical process involved through their network of hospitals. Through medical council of India, intended parents can have valuable and confidential information regarding the whole process of surrogacy.

Availability of best quality surrogates and highly qualified medical professionals in India giving a 100% success rate in the process makes it even more reliable for international intended parents to choose India as their destination point for surrogacy.

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