Friday, 4 May 2012


INTENDED PARENTS- Your Partner for Parenthood

Intended Parents are the infertile couples who intend to have a child through the process of surrogacy. Planning a child through the surrogacy procedure is practically a full time job and it needs expert advice and assistance at every facet of journey. International Fertility Centre is a dedicated surrogacy (medical and legal) services provider that can help and assist the intended parents throughout the journey of surrogacy.

Surrogacy or Egg donation is the best solution for infertility and other relative problems. Intended parents who wish to have a child through the process of the surrogacy need to assist professional services. It is highly essential to find professional who can help and guide you in finding the right surrogate who is capable of bearing a child for you.

International Fertily Centre has a wide database of surrogates who can actively acts as surrogate mother for the intended couple. Our professional team screens surrogates through various dimensions and offer the right and suitable surrogate for the intended couple. It is very important for the Intended couple to select the right surrogate based on the review of complete medical records, checking family history, and social/criminal background and education level. It is also necessary to get a perfect psychological evaluation of the surrogate before selecting for surrogacy or Egg donation. International Fertility Centre has the expert team of professionals who can do all this for you.
Intended parents have to carefully scrutiny all the information shared by surrogates before they determine to select her for the process of surrogacy or egg donation.


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