Friday, 25 May 2012

Donor Eggs and Egg donation

We run an active egg donation program which is a very useful treatment option for older women; women with ovarian failure; and those who have failed many IVF cycles as a result of having poor quality embryos.

While it's true that the idea of using donor eggs can be very difficult to accept, it's a treatment option which has a very high success rate! It also offers many advantages. You get to experience pregnancy; bond with your baby; and your child will have your name on its birth certificate, so that the fact that you have used donor eggs is something which no one else needs to know. It's thanks to donor egg technology that we are now seeing a spurt of celebs who are 40+ who are giving birth to twins and triplets!

We will be happy to help you find an egg donor. We have many healthy young fertile Indian women ( all of whom are less than 30 years of age , have been medically tested for their fertility ; and screened for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS ) on our egg donor panel, who have been fully evaluated.


  1. Egg donation can help a woman bear children, even if she is experiencing infertility due to a low number or low quality of eggs.

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  2. Egg is very important in consideration of probability for getting pregnant. Increased infertility rates with with many factors check out for more information regarding egg donation Best IVF Centre in Delhi .