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What causes repeated abortions and how to deal it?

What causes repeated abortions and how to deal it?
It was 4 o’clock in the morning and I could hardly manage to get up and pick up my cellophane that was continuously buzzing in the most irritating tone. Early morning phone calls rarely bring pleasant news for the gynecologists and infertility experts. This time also it wasn’t any good news; rather it was news of abortion of pregnancy. The patient was under IVF treatment and this was her fifth repeated abortion in a row. Repeated abortion is a very painful, but unfortunately very common problem in pregnancy cycle. The problem becomes worse when the couple is struggling hard against infertility and the doctor and the couple are putting their best to overcome the problem. In the first place, infertility treatment is itself very complicated and the success rate is quite low. If the female is facing the problem of repeated abortions, then the success rate drops further.

What is repeated abortion?
We diagnose the case of repeated abortion when the female faces an abnormal termination of pregnancy in the first trimester repeatedly two or three times. Statistics reveal that the percentage of abortion in the first trimester is as high as 15 to 20 percent, but one or two occurrences are not termed as case of repeated abortion. If I diagnose a confirmed case of repeated abortions, then the modus operandi for dealing the infertility case changes. Apart from making the conception successful, I concentrate on sustaining the pregnancy until the first trimester. If the pregnancy continues until the first 12 weeks, then there are very rare chances of abortion.

Causes of repeated abortions
a) Chromosomal cause: More than 50% of the cases are contributed by chromosomal disorders. Number of chromosomes or structure of chromosomes can be faulty to cause repeated abortions. There are cases when specific genes responsible for abortion are passed in the fetus through the parents. Genetic analysis and corrective treatment is required in such cases.

b) Problems in the uterus: There are cases when the female has structural problems in the uterus or there are fibroids. The probabilities of repeated abortions greatly increase in such cases. We infertility experts need to concentrate on resolving these issues first, before dealing the infertility problems. With the help of advanced medical techniques and treatments, the problem can be cured completely and there are good chances of successful pregnancy.

c) Hormonal problems: Hormones like progesterone sustain pregnancy and in case of imbalance of this hormone there can be repeated abortions. Hormone supplements in the form of pills or injection can improve the situation dramatically.

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