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Lifestyle problems that cause repeated abortion

Lifestyle problems that cause repeated abortion

It is the fact of the matter that probability plays a significant role in the infertility treatment and there are always chances of slippage. In spite of the utmost dedication by me or my team, there are cases where all assumptions fail and there is a painful termination of the pregnancy. I get a lot of patients where the female is suffering from the problem of habitual abortion and the chances of successful full-term pregnancy are limited. I always counsel the couple to make them mentally prepare.

There are a few prominent reasons like problems in the uterus, fibroids, surgical emergencies, intrauterine causes, specific medical problems or even unknown causes for repeated abortion. It is certainly a devastating situation for the couple when they face the unexpected termination. Especially for the female it is a trauma. Carrying the fetus for a few weeks and getting mentally ready for the pregnancy is a lifetime experience for her. Such abnormal termination will give a serious mental and emotional impact, apart from the physical one.

Although there are enormous reasons for repeated abortion, there are a few lifestyle related reasons that play a major role in this. I always try to understand the lifestyle of the couples so that potential risk can be mitigated.

Lifestyle that can cause repeated abortion

It is a hard core reality that today’s lifestyle has imposed many ill-effects on the overall health and pregnancy related problems is not an exception to that. While there are various uncontrollable factors like pollution, toxins, cacogenic colors and chemicals, etc. there are many self-imposed factors as well. When I discover the presence of such factors, the first suggestion to the couple is to avoid these factors in order to achieve successful pregnancy. Maximum couples follow the guidelines and immediately remove the lifestyle related causes and get the success in their mission.

a) Consumption of caffeine: It is true that caffeine brings a feeling of freshness and alertness in the body and acts as a natural painkiller, there are many adverse effects of excessive caffeine consumption. Statistics reveal that there is a very high risk of miscarriage for the patients that consume more than 200mg caffeine per day as compared to the patients that do not consume any form of the same. There is a hazard ratio of more than 2 for the females that is significantly high.

b) Obesity: While obesity is due to genetic or hormonal factors in a few females, there is a direct correlation of eating habits, obesity and repeated abortion. Overweight women have hormonal imbalance and it plays a critical role in developing the habit of repeated abortion. Abortion rate in obese women is as high as 38% as compared to 13% in normal-weight patients and 15% overall abortion rate.

c) Smoking and drug abuse: There is a direct link between smoking and drug abuse with repeated abortions. These two are extremely critical elements and I expect my patients to quit the habit before starting the treatment. Both these habits cause serious damage to the reproductive system and create absolute hormone imbalance.

d) Controlling these lifestyle problems would ensure that there is a successful pregnancy and the couple enjoys the parenthood!

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