Monday, 27 May 2013

Infertility – A Cause of Concern For Many

Infertility – A Cause of Concern For Many

According to a study, around 7.3 million people alone in US are affected by infertility. Out of which 1/3 of the cases are credited to the female partners while 1/3 to the male partner and rest 1/3 are known to cause by the blend of factors that are common and have no scientific explanation up till now.

According to a reputed magazine, a treatment called vitro fertilization is a standard treatment for infertility and it was used around 15 years ago. Earlier than that, traditional surrogacy was the sole duos who were not able to become parents.

Nowadays as science and technology has taken many shapes and turns, new and latest trends are coming into existence. One of the latest trends for infertility is Embryo adoption. It is the newest method of building a family. It combines assisted reproductive technology with adoption. So what infertile duos can do is adopt an embryo in place of a child.

Another trend in infertility is Egg donation. It is the most recent occurrence in the field of medical science. It is a more elaborated practice that is required to haul out eggs from a woman’s ovaries. This method is adopted when the male partner has no sperm production capability or has low sperm count due to which pregnancy is implausible. Also this method can be espoused by single woman and lesbian couples in order to conceive.

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