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The following information has been specially prepared to help you understand the procedure & to make your visit a pleasant one.


Medical ultrasound for diagnostic imaging employs sound waves in the range of 3-12 Mhz. The ultrasound probe emits & receives echoes. When placed on body, the echoes from area are depicted on the ultrasound monitor. This enables to see & examine the organs.
To optimize transmission of the sound wave, gel is applied over the specific body part to ensure good contact with the ultrasound probe.


Ultrasound is used widely in all developed countries for diagnostic imaging. Ultrasound can be performed on many parts of the body such as pelvis, liver, kidneys, breasts etc. your doctor will order the required scan.


Ultrasound waves are nonionizingradiation, unlike X-rays.
Research has shown that there are no harmful effects associated with the medical use of ultrasound.


There are two main methods of performing a pelvis ultrasound examination:
  • Trans-abdominal scan
  • Trans-vaginal scan
The pelvic ultrasound scan is performed by a specially trained health care professional called a sonographer or by a doctor.
For the trans-abdominal scan, you will be required to lie on the couch. Warm gel is applied over the lower abdomen & an ultrasound probe is placed on the gel to enable ultrasonic probe is placed on the gel to enable ultrasonic scanning of the region.
For the trans-vaginal scan, a specially designed probe with double protective covering, is lubricated with gel & inserted into the vagina. The sonographer or doctor may need o put a cushion to elevate the buttock for your comfort & ease of scanning.
Most of the time a vaginal scan should not be painful. The discomfort, if any, is similar to that in a Pap smear.
The entire examination (trans-abdominal scan + trans-vaginal scan) is usually completed within half an hour, but may occasional be extended.


For women who have had sexual experience, we recommend both the trans-abdominal& trans-vaginal scans for a thorough examination.  Each of these scans has its advantages. The abdominal approach offers a broad view of the entire pelvic. The trans-vaginal approach provides better visualization as the transducer is brought closer to the area being examined, thus improving the accuracy of the results.
For virgins, usually only a trans-abdominal scan is performed. Occasionally, we may offer a trans-rectal scan (with the probe inserted through the anus), if necessary.


A full bladder is required for trans-abdominal scan. To ensure a successful examination, it is important that you follow these preparatory steps :
  • 1st drink (200 ml) : 1 hour before the scan
  • 2nd drink (200 ml) : 45 mins before the scan
  • 3rd drink (200 ml) : 30 mins before the scan.
Do not go to the toilet or empty your bladder.
If you find it difficult to hold a full bladder, please alert your counter staff or queue coordinator.
There is no special preparation for trans-vaginal scan. You may be required to empty your bladder prior to scan.


Pelvic sonography can be performed even when you are having menses, unless there are specific instructions from your doctor.


The examination does not require hospital admission. If you are hospitalized on the appointment day, please inform the ward staff to contact the department of Diagnostic Imaging about your appointment.


  1. Please inform the doctor or sonographer if you are allergic to latex (rubber), any medication or antiseptic lotions.
  2. Please do not any valuables, jewelry, or excessive cash with you during your appointment.

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