Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Your child may inherit more than just your looks


Genetic counseling is the consultation & advice provided by a doctor about the possibility of a child being born with an inherited disease or birth defect.

Some common genetic diseases are Down’s syndrome (mongolism), thalassaemia major, haemophilia& muscular dystrophy.



Genetic counseling is recommended if you are planning to have a baby & any of the following applies to you:
  • You or your spouse have a birth defect or genetic disease.
  • You or your spouse have a child, parent or close relative with a birth defect, genetic disease, or mental retardation.
  • You or your spouse are carrier of a genetic disease e.g. if you have the thalassaemia trait.
  • You are a woman above 35 years of age.
  • You are a woman who has had 3 or more miscarriages or still births.


You will be given an appointment to meet the counsellor.

The counsellor needs detailed information to diagnose the problem & give you the correct advice.
  • You will be asked about any pregnancies you may have had.
  • You & your children may be examined for signs of the disease.
  • Special tests may have to be done to help find out what is wrong.
  • Your spouse may also called for examination & special tests.

Once the problem is diagnosed, the counsellor will explain:
  • How the disease will affect a person & how it can be treated
  • Whether the disease is inherited & if so, how it passed from parent to child
  • The chances of the disease affecting the person or his/her children
  • The risk to future children if one child is already affected
  • If tests are available to find out whether an unborn child (in the womb) is affected.

All information exchanged during genetic counselling & the results of examinations & tests will be kept confidential.

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