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Freezing of Eggs and Preserving the Fertility

Egg Freezing And Fertility Preservation

There has been a lot of exploration in the field of freezing of eggs and preserving the fertility. Many times, the women do not want to become mothers and are depressed with the complications which might occur. But with the help of egg freezing, they can preserve their fertilization for the future. Similar concept of sperm freezing was even available in 1950 but it almost took 50 years for the concept of egg freezing to be available to people.

The first case which involved the pregnancy of a lady from a frozen egg was reported in 1986. But still until late 90s, the technique was available in very few centers of the world. Many of the studies and relevant data have been obtained from Italy and Italian studies. This technique is very helpful for the ladies who are aging and yet to find a man of their choice who could get them pregnant. These women can get help from various companies who provide services including the freezing of eggs for the future fertility chances. They enable the women to wait for the right guy with their frozen eggs which may be used whenever required. So women can go to them and have their eggs frozen and whenever they feel like getting pregnant, they may go back to them and get pregnant. But it is not as simple as it seems to be. Some women also oppose this technique.

Many women find this as deceptive by providing their eggs to companies and control their reproductive system. It ensures the women that there is no problem with them or reproductive system that means they can get pregnant whenever they want at least until when they are in late 30s or 40s. There are many complications which could be the result of egg freezing and various companies do not inform their clients about that. The eggs can be frozen and kept for long durations but more the time they are kept, the more is the risk of their not being good.

Women are told about the simplicity of getting their eggs frozen and kept but these complications must also be told to the clients so that they may take right decision. These problems can be found out by a Google search of this technique and women must observe all the scenarios before taking help of these companies. Most of the women are born with a certain number of eggs in their ovaries and once they are gone, they cannot be grown again. So, women must focus on the amount of eggs they have and the quality of it. Because once they are not the part of the body, their quality also degrades. Various aspects which must be taken care of by the women are as follows:
  • Their hormonal levels will experience many changes and they may or may not be wanted. There are many fertility drugs which may be used to restore the balance in hormones but it is never a sure. These may lead to problems which are unrecoverable. So, the decision must be taken very carefully after considering possible outcomes.
  • Menstrual cycles change and their frequencies also change as women age. It may also be affected when something unnatural is tried on the reproductive system of the body of a female.
  • There is a lining known as lining of the endometrium which becomes thinner and will be less responsive to fertile eggs. So, even if the eggs are kept are frozen state, one this state is achieved, the body will not even respond to those frozen eggs.
  • Vaginal and mucus secretions become less fluid and more hostile to sperm. These may not be necessary to be informed to women but must be for educational purposes so that there must not be any aspect left.
  • There may be reproductive diseases which can be caused by removing fertility eggs also. The companies must observe the health of women first and then suggest them whatever is right for their health.
  • When women age, their weight and lifestyle changes which may cause problems at a later stage of life to conceive the eggs and get pregnant.
  • The women of any age require a male of the same age group and if the women are aged they would require aged men too. But the quality of sperm decreases and the diseases in men increases with the increase in age which may cause a problem for the women to get pregnant and conceive a baby.

The technique of egg freezing is effective in some cases such as women are suffering from some disease like cancer which would affect the amount and quality of eggs in a woman. So, they can get their eggs removed before the disease has the effect on eggs which may be used later in life if possible. So, the egg freezing for fertility preservation is not good in all situations but only in a few. The eggs are frozen for a number of reasons. The process known as vitrification can be used to freeze the eggs and use in a later phase of time thus delaying the possibility of having a family. The outcomes of the procedures related to this technique are also being improved. There are many websites from which the information about these techniques can be obtained. The certain conditions which will encourage the women to get their freeze are as follows:
  • If they have not found the male of their choice and want to wait for him.
  • If women are suffering from any STD which may make them infertile.
  • If they are not ready to become a mother and want to preserve the eggs for future.

There are so many procedures which can be used by doctors to perform the process of egg freezing but women have the right to information. So, they must be told about every complication of the process so that they may decide well under different circumstances. Various web sites can be used to find about if Egg freezing  is effective in Preserving Fertility.


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