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Egg Donation Can Make HIV Individuals Smile

How Egg Donation Can Make HIV Infected Individuals Smile


There are a number of problems faced by the people who are HIV positive in having their own children. The biggest threat for them to have their own baby is getting HIV infected. In addition, they wants that their children live the same life with discrimination what they are living.

The doctors should evaluate problems faced by the patients. Because there are many things, which need to be assessed like family conditions, functioning, social conditions which are an integral part of the human’s life. These things confirm the stability of the patient’s life. As there are different conditions prevailing in the homes of single parents, teenage parents and homosexual parents. So to fight with these conditions, health providers also check on the behaviour of the children living in these types of environments.

If you are suffering from HIV and you still want to become parents and have babies. Then stop yourself from becoming a mother of a child. There are large numbers of options available for those women who are HIV positive and want to have children. Those women who are pregnant or wants to be pregnant, they should meet Dr. Reeta Bakshi at the International Fertility Centre (IFC). They provide you the best healthcare provider who will help in you conceiving. They will provide you the medications during the period you conceive, labour and delivering the baby, so that your child not is infected with the disease.

Different Methods Of Bearing Child

Generally HIV infected parents are becoming more burdened with the coming of children, especially if the child is also HIV positive. They have to bear the same problems what their parents are going through. The primary care health providers try to ease the burden.

Antiretroviral drugs are the drugs, which are administered to those women who are HIV positive during their second trimester pregnancy. Therefore, you need to visit to agencies like IFC where they will make sure of your safety during pregnancy. Many patients use these drugs before they are pregnant, but it would be better to consult any doctor and choose the best treatment available. Never hide that you are HIV positive when you are going to visit any doctor, even during delivery of the child. This will ensure you and your child safety during delivery.

Sperm washing, artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization are better options but still if you are not convinced with these types of methods then you should opt for the egg donation. Donor eggs or donor embryos are the best option for those who are HIV positive and chances of getting it transmitted to the children.

Many egg donors are available to you. However, it is a good idea to consider those who are registered egg donors. Therefore, it would be a legal step to visit the IFC where you can get all information about the donor and make a contract with them. Even sometimes donor also visits couples to see the child after birth. If you want to find a donor yourself, then you can but you have to interrogate yourself to the donor. If you visit, the clinic there would be professional screening and evaluation of the donor. In addition, it is very much important that you should test the donor that not infected with any genetic disease or HIV, etc. even this thing should be also considered by those women’s who for the donor sperm.

Egg Donor Programmes

There are different types of egg donor programs, which vary according to the requirements. But generally most of the egg donor programs are very much extensive while their screening and hence gives you the full information about the donor from her background, medical history and education. Even these programs also age specific, as some of them do not allow the donor's age more than 30s. For example in the case of the American Society for the Reproductive Medicine who only opts for the donors below the age of 34 years.

Egg donation and implantation procedure is very much similar to the in-vitro fertilisation treatment. The woman who is going to receive the egg will be administered with the hormones like the progesterone or oestrogen to make her active for receiving eggs. The same hormones are given to the donor so that when the ovulation occurs, this causes super ovulation. When the eggs are ready, they will be given to the recipient.

Today’s Requirement For A Gestational Carrier

As half of the genetic material is inherited from the egg donor, so in that case parents look upon on the health of the egg donor as they consider the characteristics of the child the most important thing that cannot be ignored. Therefore, they are much concerned about the medical history, educational background and the personality characteristics of the egg donor. So every parent has his own big list of the features and priorities that they wanted to see in their child.

However, the prior selection of the surrogate carrier, you should consider the fact that what would be your equation with her? Is she will be your friend, or a relative or any neighbour? Because this matters a lot as the things are changed after the transfer of the egg. It might be possible that the carrier has her own family, requirements and priorities due to which she doesn’t able to reach all your expectations. So for that it’s necessary that you should be quite patient in this regard.

A gestational carrier should bear few things for receiving egg that is a full time, normal, uncomplicated delivery. Therefore, that in case she would not face any problem while conceiving pregnancy. Not be addicted with any type of drug or alcoholic problems and have a normal healthy lifestyle. There should be a medical policy insuring pregnancy and delivery of a female. A complete psychological and reproductive evaluation of the gestational carrier is a must.


Therefore, we can conclude that the Egg donation is the safest method for those who are suffering from the HIV. It causes the increase in the fertility and delivery rate of the babies. It brings a hope for those patients who dream of having their own child HIV free, enjoy a discriminated, and burden free life in the society.


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