Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Control The Sweet Tooth If You Want Success In Getting Pregnant

As you move forward for an exciting vacation, the first thing that tempts you is the great opportunity to munch. The little treats keeps on bombarding you with the loads of sugar that you just tend to ignore in the name of fun and relaxation. Have you been struggling hard in getting pregnant and also under a treatment of an infertility expert? Then, it is better that you quit the sweet plate and search for alternative food items that would satisfy the sweet tooth. You would be amazed if I tell you that the efforts you and your doctor have put in terms of defeating the infertility may be in vain just because of a sheer negligence of yours. The fudges, pastries, ice-creams, candies and so many other items, filled with a lot of refined and raw sugar may cause havoc not just in terms of increasing weight, but in terms of getting success in pregnancy as well. The culprit is not only concentrated high sugar like refined white sugar, table sugar, corn syrup and chocolates; even white flour, white rice, alcohol and sweet corn share the equal responsibility.

The obvious question may arise in your mind that what is the relation between the sugar and infertility? Well, as an expert of infertility I can say there is a great impact!

It disrupts the hormonal balance

Refined sugar is broken immediately by the body and there is a surge in the insulin level to bring the sugar level down. The sudden high in the sugar level puts extensive load on the pancreas. As soon as the sugar level comes down, the body becomes drained and exhausted. To cope-up with this situation, adrenal glands release stimulant hormones. If the cycle gets repeated multiple times, then there is a great load on the adrenal gland and remember, this gland produces the hormones in limited quantity. Too much exhaustion of adrenal gland cause serious hormonal imbalance in the body. This imbalance is not good for you, especially if you are under infertility treatment!

It causes resistance to insulin

The pancreas gland of your body is responsible for insulin, the element that controls the sugar level. Over stimulation of pancreas gland would lead to a condition called insulin resistance. This is something not good for your ovulation cycle, the most vital activity responsible for conception. Women with a condition of insulin resistance have four to five times more chances of miscarriage.

Drop in the immunity level

Access sugar levels bring a significant drop in the immunity leading to frequent illness, delayed recovery, bacterial infections and also the fertility level. Consuming high sugar contents cause the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. This reduces the immunity level further and you face serious health problems.
As an infertility expert, I would strongly say that keep the temptation of sugar and sweetened stuff a bit and support the treatment. Your infertility expert is sweating a lot to make the attempt successful, never let them go waste just because of a small thing.


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