Monday, 15 April 2013

Best Age To Have A Baby

Almost daily I receive at least one query about the correct age of having a baby, either in the personal discussions or in the online forums or tweets. Well, although it is not a question with a universal answer that fits everybody, but there are surely a few guiding factors. Individual anatomy plays a vital role in deciding the right age for conception in a couple and one should always try to see it from the personal angle.  While talking about the right age to have a baby, people consider only the physiological aspects. However, factors like social, economic, emotional and psychological components also should be considered. Needless to say, it is purely a person specific issue and everybody can perceive it in a different manner.

Physical factors

Being an infertility expert, I would obviously pay the maximum attention towards the physical aspect of this question. Let’s understand it from a physiological perspective.
You would be amazed to know that a female has the best age to conceive at the age of 18. The hormone secretion in this age is at the peak and there are incredibly fewer chances of getting complexities during the pregnancy. The age, however, is not at all suitable from the socio-economic perspective and it is almost impossible to think about conception in the age of 18. From all practical aspects, the age between 25 to 30 are the best years for a safe, smooth and successful pregnancy. The vitality is at the peak and so are the hormonal secretions that play a major role in the process of pregnancy.
As the age reaches 35, pregnancy becomes difficult with every year progresses. In fact, we never suggest delaying it intentionally. There are cases when couples have a problem in conception and the treatment lasts for a few years. In such cases, pregnancies happen in quite a late age and the doctors need to be on the toes during the full term. Fertility drops significantly at the age of 40 and many problems can arise, if it happens at all. There are always higher chances of abnormal termination of the pregnancy or forcible termination due to other issues related to the development of the fetus.

Social Factors

As discussed earlier, couples should always try to have baby when the female is between 25 to 35 years of age. There is better stability, mental peace, economic and financial safety. The female is in a better position to bear the responsibilities of a mother at the three levels, i.e. mental, physical and emotional. If the pregnancy happens after 30, there are a lot of social, economical and the other factors. If the female is a working woman, she would face great pressure of maintaining work-life balance with the increased professional responsibilities. Also, the decreased physical capabilities and stamina would make it very difficult to raise the kids.
To conclude, it is the best thing to get conceived in the age of 25 to 35 since it is favorable from all the aspects. Raise the kids in a happier, harmonized, positive and fun-filled environment and enjoy parenting!

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