Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pregnancy – Common Questions

Pregnancy is a stepping stone to marital bliss
Q1. How early can I confirm my pregnancy with the urine test?
Pregnancy can be confirmed as early as day one of first missed periods, that 31-32 days after menses. It could be confirmed as early as 27-28 days after the menses by the Elisa method.

Q2. Can the urine test be wrong?
Most of the times it would be correct. It can be false ‘negative’ in pregnant women than levels of hCG are below the sensitivity level of the test (either in delayed conception or very dilute urine sample or unhealthy pregnancy). It can be ‘false positive’ in conditions, with hCG secretion other than pregnancy like trophoblastic disease.

Q3. Why is there vomiting in the early part of pregnancy?
Commonly called “morning sickness”, vomiting is mainly caused due to rapid rise in hormone (gonodatropins) in early pregnancy. The level of this hormone reduces after 3-4 months and apetite improves.

Q4. Are mood disturbances (mood swings) common in pregnancy? I feel very tired, sleepy, irritable depressed why?
These changes are very common due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. Many women may find themselves going through periods of depression. They may experience frequent ups & downs in moods. Warn, communicate or tell your near & dear ones of how you feel, to avoid misunderstanding. It is normal passing phase & needs no treatment.

Q5. Why do leg cramps occur in pregnancy?
Leg cramps may occur suddenly in pregnancy and may be quite painful. They mostly occur in the last months of pregnancy. Sluggish blood circulation, lack of calcium & lack of vitamin B & E are thought to cause these cramps. 
Messaging the area when cramps occur is relieving. Also, point the toes inwards towards the face when the cramps occur. One can increase the intake of milk products, so that the body can get the much need calcium.

Exercise to help the blood circulation will also reduce the leg cramps.
Q6. ‘My first pregnancy was rough, with several serious complications. I am very nervous now that I am pregnant again’?
Once complicated pregnancy does not necessarily predict another complication. Often a woman who weathered high seas the first time around is rewarded with smooth sailing the next. If it was one time event, such as an infection or an accident, that caused the complications, then they are not likely recur if they were caused by lifestyle habits that you have now changed (such as smoking, drinking or using drugs).

Q7. ‘I had my last baby caesarean I am pregnant again & I am wondering what the chances are of my having a normal delivery’?
‘Once a caesarean always a caesarean was until very recently, an obstetrical edict engraved in stone, or rather in the uteruses of women who have had one or more surgical deliveries. Repeat caesarean should not be considered routine. Normal delivery after caesarean can be tried in many cases.

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