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Life During Menopause

Life During Women Menopause

Menopause is a different period in a women's life when her periods eventually stops and her body goes through a series of changes which no longer allow her to conceive and to get pregnant. It is a biological and natural phenomena that occurs in every women's life usually between the age of 45 -55.
Biologically menopause occurs in females when the level of hormones like estrogen and progesterone fall down and their body no longer produces eggs. Menopause can be a time of great emotional or physical change which can overwhelm you significantly if you aren't sure what to expect in this phase of life. The periods don’t stop all of a sudden, they gradually stop over the time. Initially your menstrual periods start occurring less often and after some time, they eventually stop.
Menopause results in the decline in the release of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, and because of this, a women can face several uncomfortable physical problems but it is unlikely that every women would face the same kind of issues.

Problems and changes during menopause

  • Night Sweats and Hot Flushes
Most of the women experience sudden hot flushes where she may feel very hot suddenly, and in turn she may feel like opening all the windows of the house butin the next minute she may feel a certain shivering sensation. During hot flushes a women may experience night sweats that can disturb her sleep pattern.
  • Pains and Aches
The reduced level of estrogen may lead to pain and aches in the body. A women may experience muscular pains, joint pains, headaches or backaches.
  • Insomnia
The reduced levels of estrogen may disturb your sleep pattern. A women may also feel depressed during this period.
  • Tiredness
Due to disturbed night sleep and lack of sleep owing to sweating at night, a woman can feel exhausted and tired during the day.
  • Loss of vaginal elasticity
During menopause a women may face painful or uncomfortable intercourses due to thinning of vaginal walls which may cause loss of elasticity and dryness.
  • Some women also face symptoms like palpitation, swollen ankles, dizziness etc.

Apart from various physical problems there are certain emotional issues also that a women may encounter. However, some women face no emotional changes whatsoever during this period, but for others this may be a period of great psychological distress. Some of the common emotional problems and changes include:

•    Poor concentration & memory
•    Panic attacks
•    Irritability, tearfulness, mood swings and depression
•    Significant decrease in sexual desire

A women should take greater care of herself to fight all the issues and problems caused by menopause. There are certain medical treatments available and you can consult your doctor for right treatment. Depending on the problems that you are facing you can work with your doctor to work out the best treatment that suits you.

Most of the women face depression during this transition period. If the depression, irritation and your mood swings are affecting your quality of life, following are steps to overcome this depression:

•    Get enough sleep because if you are sleep deprived the most simple problems will also affect you badly. So get enough amount of night sleep by avoiding  large meals, alcohol, caffeine or any sort of physical activity before going to bed. 
•    Engage yourself in any kind of physical activity that you like 5 - 6 times a week.
•    Read books, develop some hobby and try to stay as positive as you can in order to overcome daily stress. You can also try some relaxation techniques.
•    Don't keep your problems only to yourself but discuss them with your partner or friends so that you can feel relaxed & relieved.
•    You can ask your doctor for medicines or therapies that can reduce problems associated with menopause to certain extent.

Menopause comes with many problems but often after menopause, many women experience higher levels of satisfaction in all the aspects of their life. It can be a time when you can open many new doors for yourself. You must pamper yourself during this period and take very good care of yourself to avoid any sort of stress.


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