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Trouble Getting Pregnant

Are you having trouble getting pregnant?? Contact the gynecologists today

Intended parenthood is very necessary when you plan to have a family of your own. However, in the recent world of today where people are bogged down with work pressure, stress, tension and wrong dietary habits, and too much intake of birth control pills, infertility has become a very common issue among women of today’s generation. Around 10% of women are haunted by the problems of infertility. Infertility results in not being able to get pregnant in spite of repeated tries through a long period of time. The age factor is also taken into consideration where women who are of 35 years or above though manage to get pregnant, cannot maintain the fetus for 9 months because of their body conditions. In the process of pregnancy the sperm of the male partner combines with that of the female which is produced from her ovaries henceforth needs to be fertilized in order to form a baby. Any problem during this process may result in infertility.

However, though infertility poses to be a problem, doctors have come up with a number of medicines and methods in order to eradicate this problem as much as possible. Some common medicines which are utilized in treatment of fertilization are Follicle-stimulating hormone which is injected in the woman’s body so that her ovaries start ovulating. Also, Clomid is used for women who have complications in the ovary resulting in infertility. Women who have hormonal problems can take help of Human menopausal gonadotropin for solutions. Women who do not want to take any kind of medicines can go in for a method which is known as intrauterine insemination or artificial insemination. It is a simple process and very efficient where a woman is injected with sperm of her partner or some special sperm and then the normal procedure follows. Usually woman who are not able to produce sperm or have problems in their ovaries take help of this method.

Around 80 to 90% people do not have to go through intensive surgeries, for treatments. They are treated with low medication or simple surgeries. Treatment may also include just simple counselling to the partners if required. If it is really serious then people may need to take help of invitro fertilisation for satisfactory results. Surgery may in addition be required to revamp obstruction in the fallopian tubes.

There are a number of methods which are used to treat infertility.

First of all the lifestyle of a person plays a very important role in fertilization. A healthy lifestyle with ample rest, less stressful, good diet, planned sexual activity with ovulation cycle and last but not the least a loving partner helps to solve these problems. Sometimes drugs may be required for ovulation such as gonadotrophins and clomiphene.Sperm injections such as IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection may also be required.

Different processes of treatment:

In vitrofertilization (IVF) - In in vitro fertilization (IVF) a woman needs to consume medication to make numerous eggs ripen after which you need to see a doctor who helps you in removing the eggs. The Semen which is collected from the partner or any other man is put collectively with the eggs in a lab under a certain temperature. After fertilization, the eggs which have successful fertilized are again inserted in the uterus. A successful fertilization occurs if one or more than one egg is inserted in the walls of the uterus. In vitro fertilization is usually successful if the woman has been pregnant before also, and is under the age of 39 years. It is very necessary for the woman to have a BMI of 19 and 30 so that they have a good weight. Conditions those may lessen the chances of successful IVF includes too much Drinking or smoking.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) - This is a procedure where a semen sample is collected from a male. Then sperm washing is conducted where the healthy sperm is separated from the semen. Then this sperm is directly put in to the uterus of the woman. This is conducted with the assistance of an extremely superior plastic tube which is conceded through the cervix to the uterus. It can be instanced to correspond with ovulation in women who are still in the process of ovulation. However in this process, women need to consist of healthy fallopian tubes so that the eggs can travel very consistently from the ovary to the womb. This helps because the sperm does not have to travel all the distance through the fallopian tubes. It reaches the egg easily. This is an easy and commonly followed method and is said to be successful in most of the cases.

Women, who have problems in their fallopian tubes, can remove the blockage by surgery. Nowadays the blockage is removed with the help of keyhole surgery. Also women who have Endometriosis  can help to improve fertility by surgery. Women who have problems in their ovaries can go through a surgery known as polycystic ovary syndrome surgery. Also numerous women have fibroids due to which they are unable to get pregnant. Surgery may be considered for the same.

Now let us get a brief overview regarding the medicine that can be consumed for solutions to infertility.
Metformin is a medicine which may be presented to women who has polycystic ovary syndrome but is not responding to clomifene. This is usually required to treat people with diabetis.This is also said to increase the chances of fertility in a woman
Medicines that include gonadotrophins are a further kind of treatment. They are usually used if a person does not respond to clomifene. These need to be injected into the woman’s body. They help to stimulate the ovaries.

Clomifene is a medicine that is utilized to assist in fertility for numerous years. It is to be consumed as a tablet. It helps in stimulation of the ovary by jamming a reaction method to the pituitary gland which results in release of more gonadotrophin hormones.

Dr Rita Bakshi is an extremely skilled and well known infertility expert based in International fertility centre New Delhi, who completed her MBBS from Lady Harding Medical College. She conducts a number of surgeries for successful fertilisation and suggests that in today’s growing problem of infertility, woman should come with their partners and get this problem cured as soon as possible to lead a happy and contented life. One should not neglect this problem as it might give rise to more complications later on.

So, visit a doctor today!!

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