Monday, 17 September 2012

Review on Infertility

A general review on infertility and its consequences

The inability of a couple to reproduce even after trying for years even after unprotected sexual intercourse may be referred to infertility. Infertility also occurs when a woman has already conceived, but is unable to carry the baby in her womb till delivery due to various causes. The infertility may be caused due to various causes including medical complication, changes in the eating habits as well as the lifestyle in the woman, smoking and drinking of alcohol, consuming too much birth control pill etc. Medical symptoms may be due to pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, hormonal complications or endometriosis. Also damaged fallopian tubes may result in infertility to take place. Also age plays a very important factor in fertilising of ovum. The uterus becomes small with age so that it cannot hold many eggs at a time.

Taking a brief look into Female infertility review:

In today’s world of smoke, dust and pollution, environment also plays a very important role in infertility. There are a number of toxins and chemicals in the air which help in triggering infertility among women. An obese woman also faces problem in conceiving and reproduction since her body weight and basal metabolic weight is above normal. A woman should maintain a normal basal metabolic rate to conceive. Fertility demurs with age. Female fertility is at its pinnacle in between the ages of 18 and 24 years after which the woman slowly starts losing her ovarian functions.

Fertility of a person may be subjective to life style choice. If a person leads a life which is full of stress and tension along with regular smoking and drinking, bad eating habits like fried food full of cholesterol, and does not get complete rest, it leads to side effects leading to a stage of infertility. It can also be noted that HIV in a person does not lead to fertility. Intake of drugs results in infertility in a woman. Hormonal problems like hypothyroid or hyperthyroid results in infertility.

Diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis result in infertility. However these diseases can be overcome with regular treatment and medication. Sometimes surgery also needs to be done to overcome the disease.

Infertility may be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle with complete rest and good eating habits like food intake consisting of folic acid, protein, vitamins and minerals, calcium and carbohydrate. One should always keep herself hydrated for moisture retention in the body. Infertility can also be avoided if you regularly visit a doctor and start treating from beforehand. Sexually transmitted diseases should be avoided by using condoms and practising safe sex.

Medication for infertility includes medicines like Clomifene citrate, Bromocriptine, gonadatrophins and Hormone therapy. Also surgeries like artificial insemination can be conducted for successful fertilisation. In Vitro Fertilization is also a very common and well known method for successful fertilisation to take place. It should be kept into mind that diseases like diabetes and obesity should be kept under control. Taking some simple precautions and taking care of self can lead to successful fertilisation.

Dr Rita Bakshi gives an insight on Female infertility review suggesting that infertility which is on the rise can be controlled by proper care to self.


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